Tips To Teach Your Child How To Tackle Private School Testing

The admissions testing for private schools can be grueling, and your child may feel somewhat intimidated by the process. If he or she has never taken tests like these before, it can be tough to put that best foot forward. Although the test results won't be the final deciding factor for admission, they are a serious consideration. Here are a few tips to help prepare your child for the testing.

Focus on Time Management Skills

Putting a time limit on a test can cause anxiety for some kids, and when the test is so high-stakes, that can make it even worse. If you want your child to be able to tackle the test with confidence, the first thing you need to focus on is teaching him or her how to manage the time limitations. Time management skills are key for this.

The best thing your child can do is start by scanning the test for questions that he or she immediately knows the answer to and can be answered right away. This gets those questions out of the way. Then, it's time to go back and consider the remaining questions. Teach your child to spend 30 or 45 seconds on each question before moving on to the next. Then, after reaching the end of the test, he or she can go back and address the ones that were taking too long. This method helps ensure that your child answers the most possible questions before the end of the test.

Build Comprehension and Vocabulary

The admissions exams have a language section that focuses on vocabulary and comprehension. Spend a couple of weeks reading with your child before the exam if possible. Encourage him or her to look up unfamiliar words and evaluate the content of the books for comprehension. It's important to be sure that your child is understanding text, because that is a key part of the testing process. You can also spend some time decoding root words and suffixes to help your child use those common components to determine meanings.

Try Practice Tests

Along with working on the fundamental skills to complete the test, you may also want to spend some time addressing the action of the test itself. Get a few practice tests from review books or online resources and have your child take them in a simulated environment. The more often your child can practice before the real test, the less anxiety he or she will be likely to feel on the day of the test. And, the practice tests in advance may help you identify any test sections where your child may need to spend some extra study time before the day of the actual exam.

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